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Our Forever Home

St. Vrain Community Montessori School (SVCMS) has been in operation for 14 years, and in that time, demand for positions at the school has continued to grow to a point where the number of children on the waitlist nearly equals the number of children enrolled at SVCMS. To better understand how the school has grappled with increased demand and undersized, inadequate facilities, click on Our Current Situation.

An architectural mockup of SVCMS' forever home, a beautiful school building

Without funding assistance from angel donors or direct assistance from their school districts, charter schools face an uphill battle in securing adequate and affordable funding to build their permanent facilities. Charter schools, such as SVCMS, that plan to remain smaller than 1000 students face an even greater challenge in securing funding. To learn about the financing challenges SVCMS faces in the quest to construct its “Forever Home,” and about the 10-acre parcel of land that St. Vrain Valley School District is making available to SVCMS for its farm school campus, click on Our Challenge and Our Opportunity.

How might a permanent facility impact the lives of students enrolled in SVCMS? How would the larger community benefit if SVCMS was able to build a permanent facility? Click here to read about Our Future.


If you are ready and able to help SVCMS build its Forever Home, please contact Katie Torres at either or 303-682-4339.

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