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St. Vrain Community Montessori School strives to provide the best possible educational experience to our students, both now and long into the future.


An important aspect of this commitment is building and maintaining a healthy, stable, and self-sufficient financial operation.


While we actively pursue grant funding, we also ask our families to support us in educating their children by giving generously to our Annual Campaign and participating in other fundraising activities.


Fundraising happens within the community through the following annual activities:



Like all public schools, SVCMS receives per-pupil funding from the state of Colorado. As a charter school and an authentic Montessori school, we face specific challenges that make it necessary for us to seek supplemental funding from grants, fundraisers, and our family community.


These unique challenges include:


  • Unlike district schools, we must self-fund our facility, which represents a significant portion of our operating costs.

  • Outfitting authentic Montessori classrooms requires an investment in specially designed and very expensive materials.

  • Our commitment to placing a Montessori-trained second Guide in every classroom results in necessary increases in costs for salaries and benefits.

  • We are growing and must balance the need to build a reserve fund with the continual need to add talented faculty, facility space, and materials.

A photo of the hundred beads in Children's House, a beautiful Montessori material that has been purchased
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