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About Us Introduction


Mission: SVCMS fosters human thriving by nurturing the whole child in an authentic Montessori program as a public charter school.

Vision: SVCMS students will become engaged humanitarians and stewards of the world who act with integrity, kindness, and wonder.


We offer the following age-based academic programs:



Boulder County’s only authentic Montessori charter school for ages 3-14.



The following is written in a child's handwriting and symbolized using Montessori grammar symbols: "Welcome to SVCMS. We are glad you are here. Thank you!"

We have a deep and abiding commitment to creating a truly authentic Montessori environment, meaning we believe in:

  1. Employing teachers credentialed for the level they are teaching who have the demonstrated ability and dedication to putting the key Montessori concepts into practice

  2. Offering three-year, mixed-age groupings based on Dr. Montessori’s Planes of Development (3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-14)

  3. Providing a full complement of essential Montessori materials in every classroom

  4. Ensuring an uninterrupted three-hour work cycle every day

  5. Fostering an atmosphere that encourages social interaction, peer teaching, and emotional development

  6. Nurturing a partnership with families


Read more about the authentic Montessori Method here.


As a charter school, we strike a thoughtful balance between Authentic Montessori Methods and a standards-based environment. This balance includes:

  1. Viewing all students through the lens of Dr. Montessori’s Planes of Development

  2. Aligning Colorado Academic Standards to Montessori Curriculum

  3. Participating in required assessments and accreditation processes

  4. Monitoring progress to inform instruction and optimize achievement of outcomes


Interested in joining our community and providing your child or children with an authentic Montessori public education?

Learn more about the enrollment process here.


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