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K-8 Enrollment Current Status:

We are currently running waitlists on ALL grades.  To be added to the waitlist, please submit an Intent to Enroll below. 

Thank you for your interest in the kindergarten-8th year programs at St. Vrain Community Montessori School. Applications are considered based on the order in which they are received, although currently enrolled and returning students do have first priority for each new school year.


Applicants for kindergarten positions must be 5 years old and 1st year applicants must be 6 years old as of October 1, 2023 for the 2023-2024 school year.  


Families interested in enrolling their child(ren) at SVCMS are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with our programs, learn more about Montessori education,  and/or arrange a visit.


Enrollment in K-8 is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with consideration of the following enrollment priorities:

  1. Currently-enrolled returning Preschool-7th grade SVCMS students.

  2. Siblings* of admitted K-8 SVCMS students. Sibling priority is not offered to elementary or middle school students based on an enrolled preschool sibling.  Intent to Enroll forms must be received during Enrollment Window #1 (December 1st-January 16th) to receive sibling priority. 

  3. Children or grandchildren of SVCMS staff. Consideration may be given to FTE status.

  4. Children of current or former SVCMS Board members who completed at least one term of service. First come, first served.

  5. Applicants for grades 2-8 who are transferring from a public Montessori School, first come first served. Applicants for 1st grade who attended a public tuition-free Montessori kindergarten also have this enrollment priority, first come first served. 

  6. All St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) residents, including inbound active duty military members, first come, first served.

  7. All non-SVVSD residents. First come, first served.


Full-Day Kindergarten

The SVCMS kindergarten program is full-day for all students. 


Sibling Status Policy*

If sibling priority is forfeited once, sibling priority will no longer be honored. Sibling status is granted based on the assumption of continuous enrollment of the older sibling;  if the older sibling is withdrawn prior to the start of school for the younger sibling, sibling status is forfeited. Enrollment positions offered based on expired sibling priority will be revoked and the application will be processed in accordance with enrollment priority.

Please Note

Due to recent changes to the policies governing Colorado’s Exceptional Children’s Educational Act, a review of student records is required after the open enrollment period has closed.

Year Level Placement (Years 1-8)

Students enrolling from either a non-accredited private school or from a homeschool educational program will be assessed for year level placement.


If an accredited school is unable to produce student records verifying appropriate year level, prospective students will be place tested. Offers of admission will be contingent on results of readiness assessments.


Families of students seeking enrollment from the above-mentioned educational backgrounds will be contacted to schedule readiness assessments, which will be administered by SVCMS Guides. Year level placement will be determined by the results of these assessments.

Questions? Please contact


SVCMS Non-Discrimination Policy: SVCMS welcomes all students, recognizing diversity as a virtue. SVCMS prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability or need for special education services. This enrollment policy is designed to meet the requirements of C.R.S. §22-30.5-104(3), ensuring access to the school for all, from academically low-achieving students to exceptional students, and including students with disabilities.


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