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Our Future

Another angle of the SVCMS future home architectural mockup, with children gardening outside in dedicated garden space

During this time of constant change, it is the school’s commitment to Montessori principles that are the essential elements in its students’ success as citizens of the future. SVCMS sees its job as equipping today’s students with the critical problem solving and creative thinking skills that will be necessary to imagine solutions to future challenges.


Moving the school into its forever home will allow for a more dynamic learning experience for more of the community’s children which will lead to the development of well-prepared, imaginative, and resourceful adults. Future SVCMS graduates may include: 


  • The successful novelist whose love of language was ignited as a four-year-old at SVCMS: He remembers tracing sandpaper letters in his favorite outdoor spot near the Children’s House raised garden beds, which is where he also unlocked the mysterious code of how letters combined into words. His teacher called this process “bursting into reading,” and he still remembers how his mother grew teary-eyed at the realization that her little boy not only could read but loved to read.


  • The founder of a sustainable technology company that develops small scale energy generation and electrical solutions for communities around the world: She cites her love of business development combined with social good as stemming from her experiences as an Upper Elementary student working in the Global Emporium school store. Her drive for success started when she practiced decimal multiplication and division over and over in order to earn her cashier’s license to work the cash register at the store. She remembers how proud she and her classmates were after raising and donating $2,500 to their selected United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals project of clean water and sanitation.


  • The astronaut preparing for one of the first manned missions to Mars: She can trace her fascination with the cosmos back to her very first Great Lesson - The Coming of the Universe and of the Earth at SVCMS. She and her classmates sat eagerly in a darkened room as their teacher asked them to imagine a time “way back, way before your grandparents and your grandparents’ grandparents and your grandparents’ grandparents’ grandparents when it was very dark and very cold…” The lesson told the thrilling story of the Big Bang, culminating in a spark of light and the popping of a balloon filled with glitter that fell like stars all around them. Her first-grade self decided that day that she would one day travel amongst the stars.


A site map of the sister site showing the proposed location of buildings. Quail Road creates the North border while Future Martin Street creates the west border. The school building is roughly central on the map. Relative to the school, starting in the northeast and moving clockwise, the features are: parking and parent drop-off for ages 0-6; Children's House entry; play area; Peace Path; student working farm with an outdoor learning center between the farm and school building; a farm house; parking and parent drop-off for ages 7-14; main entry; nature boardwalk in pollinator habitat.

A permanent facility will also allow for partnerships with local organizations and more meaningful interactions with the larger community. The middle school farm stand can open to the public on a regular basis and feature produce grown onsite as well as food products and crafts created by the students. Surplus produce can be donated to local homeless shelters. During the summer months, the facility may be used for adult education classes on gardening and farming or used as the base for an outdoor education program. SVCMS also envisions partnering with local research universities or organizations such as Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to create a “land lab” where students can analyze various farming methods or provide data on different technologies such as water monitoring systems.


While it is the hope of the SVCMS Board of Directors and Head of School that we can construct a permanent facility sooner rather than later, we will not lose sight of protecting the great work being done at the school now. We hope that others in the local community and beyond will join us in making this vision a reality.

“We are the sowers—our children are those who reap. We labor so that future generations will be better and nobler than we are.”

Maria Montessori

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