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St. Vrain Community Montessori’s Annual Campaign


Please support the enormous value provided by our amazing Guides by contributing to our Annual Campaign.



This year, St. Vrain Community Montessori School will spend approximately $350,000 in salaries and benefits to ensure that each classroom has a second, qualified Guide.


The goal of this year’s campaign is to raise $90,000 so that we can continue to provide the excellent programs and instruction our children currently enjoy.


Please help us reach this goal by pledging or donating at least $1,000 for each child you have enrolled at our school.

Please select your option for giving:



Why is 100% participation so important, regardless of donations size?

We recognize that for some families, $1,000 per child may not be possible. Regardless of how much you are able to give, we seek some level of participation from 100% of families.

In addition to annual family giving, we raise funds through grants. Many granting agencies require schools to provide data showing an engaged and invested community.


Being able to show that 100% of our families donated to the Annual Campaign at ANY level helps us to raise even more money for classroom materials and other necessities. Truly, donations of any size can make a difference!


Frequently Asked Questions


Why does SVCMS still need to raise so much money after 10 years in operation?
Building a charter school takes years of dedication and community commitment. It is fraught with challenges, one of the more predictable of which is financial.


All Colorado public schools are drastically underfunded. Colorado ranks 43rd in the nation in per-pupil spending adjusted for regional cost differences, annually spending $2,704 less per student than the national average (more stats at Great Education). As a charter school, SVCMS is at a further disadvantage compared to traditional district schools because we must fund our facilities and capital improvements from our regular operating budget, and have not historically been included in bond measures for capital improvement and construction costs.


The bottom line: funding the high-quality staff and instruction, beautifully prepared environments, and extraordinary programs we have all come to expect from SVCMS requires financial resources over and above what we currently receive through public funding. That’s why, every year, the Board of Directors needs all families to make a charitable financial contribution to the school we are all building together.


What does the Annual Campaign fund?
Annual Fund donations are used in the annual operating budget of our school. To illustrate the critical importance of these funds: our fundraising goal of $95,000 covers one third of the cost of employing the high-quality, credentialed Guides we have in each and every classroom. Unlike many other Montessori schools, SVCMS has made it a priority to fill our Guide positions with people who are Montessori-credentialed.

Is this tax deductible?
Yes! SVCMS is a 501(c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Consult your tax advisor for more details.


How much should our family give? What if I can’t afford $1,000 per child?
We ask families to give $1,000 for each child they have enrolled at SVCMS, and we rely heavily on the many donations that approach this level. However, we recognize that SVCMS is a socio-economically diverse community and we welcome gifts of all sizes. We hope that you will give as much as is appropriate for your family.


I am currently paying Children’s House tuition. Should I still donate to the Annual Fund?
Yes. The financial goals for the school’s campaign are set based on total student headcount, including preschool and Kindergarten students. If you have students enrolled at SVCMS at any level, we ask you to make a donation to help support the financial health of our school.


Cash is a little tight for my family right now. Can I pledge to give a donation later instead of
giving right now?

Yes! (...but...) We welcome donation pledges, which are commitments to give a specific amount by a specific time later in the school year. However, please understand that SVCMS is counting on you to fulfill any pledge you make and that unpaid pledges cause painful budget shortfalls.


Can other people give to the campaign?
Yes! We welcome donations from grandparents, family friends, neighbors, and other community members as well. A thriving public Montessori school is an asset to the SVVSD and public support is always welcome. If you know someone you think would be willing to give, please ask or let us know so we can ask!


How do I give?
You can choose to give your entire tax-deductible contribution in a single lump sum (by personal check or RevTrak—see below) or set up a monthly payment plan (manual or using your bank’s online bill pay function). Please see the attached donation form for more information.


Can I pay by Credit card?/What is RevTrak and how do I use it?
For families wishing to pay by credit or debit card, RevTrak is a secure, third-party online payment system that SVCMS families can use to pay a variety of school fees and make Annual Fund donations. Please note that RevTrak adds a 3.61% service fee to all transactions, which SVCMS is unable to absorb. A link to instructions for using RevTrak can be found at


Thank you for your financial support and your active participation in our community!


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