Visiting & Parent Education


Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all indoor parent visiting events have been temporarily suspended.

Witnessing the beauty of an authentic Montessori environment in person is a truly magical experience.


We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to observe our classrooms in person. Dr. Montessori developed her groundbreaking approach to education based on her keen observations of children and their development in a prepared environment.


We would love for you to see how Montessori works across the Planes of Development by visiting a variety of classrooms within the community. 

The partnership between families and faculty and staff is what keeps our community strong. Here are some key opportunities to get involved with your child’s education this year.

Remote PLUS Parent Education

Outdoor Connections is a completely new program that the school is using to help build connections and support during Remote Learning. It’s an opportunity for students to have in-person connections with their guide and a chance for parents to receive support in topics related to distance learning while also connecting with other parents who are facing the same challenges. 

Remote PLUS Parent Education FAQ's:

  • Outdoor Connections are optional.

  • Being at the park while your child is in Outdoor Connections is required. However, you can work together with other parents within your cohort to share this responsibility. This is one of those things that takes a village, and part of the goal for having these meetings is to connect you with a village of support and people who are experiencing many of the same things.

  • Attending Parent Education that takes place simultaneously to Outdoor Connections is not required, but we do plan to cover a six week syllabus of information that will support both our community as a whole and hopefully your individual family during remote learning. It’s an opportunity for connection and community, which many families requested in the Spring Remote Learning Survey. Our hope is that the meetings are a positive and supportive experience for you.

  • If you need to work at the park or simply take a walk around the park to clear your head, you’re free to do so. You need to make the best decision for your circumstances.

  • If you have multiple children, you do not need to attend the Simultaneous Parent Education that takes place during Outdoor Connections for each of your children.The content will vary slightly, but the majority of the content will be similar.

  • You may bring siblings to these meetings to play or read off to the side.

  • We plan to offer two remote sessions of the parent education for interested families who cannot make the meetings but would otherwise like to attend. We can record these meetings upon request.

  • In the event of bad weather, Outdoor Connections will be cancelled. You will be notified of any cancellations via email and SMS text message. Be sure you have opted in to receiving text messages from the school by sending a text message of “Y” or “Yes” to our Communicate Short Code Number 67587. The school cannot send you text messages unless you do this.

Remote PLUS Parent Education Schedule:

Summary Schedule for all levels available here.

Remote PLUS Parent Education Materials & Handouts:

All materials and handouts distributed at Parent Education events during Remote PLUS are organized by week and available for download here.

Parent/Guide Conferences

Parent/guide conferences are offered twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, and provide the opportunity to meet with your child’s Guide for a comprehensive, thoughtful discussion of your child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth and needs.


These conferences are for parents/guardians only. Sign-up is available online through Meet the Teacher and sign-up times are announced ahead of time in the Weekly Friday Updates.


2020-2021 Conference Dates


  • Thursday evening, October 22, 2020

  • Friday, October 23, 2020

  • Friday, October 30, 2020


  • Thursday evening, March 11, 2021

  • Friday, March 12, 2021

  • Friday, March 19, 2021


Parent Education Events

Throughout the year, SVCMS offers a variety of educational events to help parents deepen their understanding of Montessori philosophy as well as their child’s developmental pathways and educational experiences.


We hope that joining us at our parent education events will help you feel more connected to your child’s experience and better able to support your child and the school in the educational progress.


2020-2021 Parent Education Events

To Be Announced in October after the first six weeks of Remote-PLUS.


Montessori Resource Library

SVCMS has a well-stocked school resource library with a wealth of books and videos that are available to all families to borrow. See Montessori Education to find additional online resources.


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