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Visiting & Community Education

Witnessing the beauty of an authentic Montessori environment in person is a truly magical experience.


We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to observe our classrooms in person. Dr. Montessori developed her groundbreaking approach to education based on her keen observations of children and their development in a prepared environment.


We would love for you to see how Montessori works across the Planes of Development by visiting a variety of classrooms within the community. 

Parent volunteers working with children using Montessori materials

The partnership between families and faculty and staff is what keeps our community strong. Here are some key opportunities to get involved with your child’s education this year.

Parent/Guardian - Guide Conferences

Conferences are offered twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, and provide the opportunity to meet with your child’s Guide for a comprehensive, thoughtful discussion of your child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth and needs.


These conferences are for parents/guardians only. Sign-up is available online through Meet the Teacher and sign-up times are announced ahead of time in the Weekly Friday Updates.


2023-2024 Conference Dates


  • Thursday evening, October 19

  • Friday, October 20

  • Friday, October 27


  • Thursday evening, March 7

  • Friday, March 8

  • Friday, March 15


Parent/Guardian Education Events

Throughout the year, SVCMS offers a variety of educational events to help parents and guardians deepen their understanding of Montessori philosophy as well as their child’s developmental pathways and educational experiences.


We hope that joining us at our parent/guardian education events will help you feel more connected to your child’s experience and better able to support your child and the school in the educational progress.


2023-2024 Community Engagement Events

Access the Community Engagement Calendar here

Montessori Resource Library

SVCMS has a well-stocked school resource library with a wealth of books and videos that are available to all families to borrow. See Montessori Education to find additional online resources.

Healthy Media & Technology Use Resources

SVCMS is committed to using research-based practices to help our children develop balanced, healthy relationships with media and technology. Click here for a resource list we compiled as a follow-up to our 11/29/23 Parent/Guardian Education Event on this topic. Below, you can find links to our 8-week Tech Talk Tuesday series, which ran via email from September to October 2023.


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