2021-2022 Parent Handbook


A wealth of helpful information can be found in the annual parent handbook. Click to download the entire handbook here. In it, you’ll find the following helpful sections, plus a great deal of additional detail around:

  • Attendance Policy

  • Code of Conduct (Discipline Policy)

  • Dress Code Policy

  • Grievance Process

  • Medication Policy

  • Illness Policy

  • School Communications


School Communications

We strive for open communication within the SVCMS community. We use the following tools to keep you up-to-date on your classroom, level, and school-wide news:



Level Blogs

SVCMS Levels maintain password-protected blogs to keep their students and families informed of the level- and classroom-specific events happening each month. Blog posts are often filled with wonderful images and videos of the children at work and are not to be missed!

Children’s House Blog

Lower Elementary Blog

Upper Elementary Blog

Evergreen Middle School Blog

Movement Blog