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Inclusion & Diversity

SVCMS strives to create, support, and encourage a culture of inclusion and collaboration that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our local and global communities. We commit to valuing the contributions and protecting the rights of all people–of every culture, race, ethnicity, religion, age, family structure, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socioeconomic background, ability, learning style, and world view. Through this, we can achieve our underlying goal of educating and supporting responsible, engaged community members. 

Multicultural education is an integral part of the Montessori philosophy. Our curriculum respects the individuality of each child, creates a community of cooperation and nurtures a sense of wonder and curiosity about our differences. We honor and actively explore the varied backgrounds and cultures in the world. Students are encouraged to appreciate different perspectives, identify and reject stereotypes and prejudices, and work for equality and justice within the school and the world. 

In our classroom communities, we foster peace and embrace differences through our curriculum, materials, and modeled behavior. By promoting inclusion and collaboration, we encourage each other to be open-minded and appreciative of different ideas. The work of recognizing, understanding, and appreciating our differences helps to form and inform a rich environment that is a crucial part of guiding our children on their path to maturity and global citizenship.

We oppose discrimination and consciously recognize the value of diversity throughout our hiring practices, admission process, classroom composition, professional development, and community activities. 

Our goal in these works is that each member of our community feels welcome and valued, and all of our students are supported as they grow into compassionate global citizens. To this end, SVCMS accepts the responsibility to:


  • actively support each other and our families to acknowledge, honor, and appreciate differences;

  • become aware of privilege in our own lives, in the systems we create and support, and in our culture;

  • work as a team to dismantle and reorganize the systems that support marginalizing others;

  • incorporate anti-bias education at every level of our school.


The ABAR Blog

In support of our inclusion and diversity goals, SVCMS publishes a weekly Anti-Bias Anti-Racist blog as part of our weekly newsletter. Each week features a different topic related an Anti-Bias theme.

For questions about the blog, please email

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